Traineeship Graduate Certificate

The WBG traineeship certificate is granted to students who have demonstrated mastery of knowledge in WBG power electronics, and preparation for industry or academic positions as a leader in the field. All trainees must complete complete all requirements to receive the graduate traineeship certificate. The certificate program is also open to non-trainee students at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. The certificate requirements are as follows.

Certificate Requirements
  • removeAt least four courses in WBG Power Electronics
    Applicable courses which may be applied to satisfy this requirement:
    • ECE 583: Power Electronics and Drives
    • ECE 581: High Frequency Power Electronics
    • ECE 582: Power Electronic Circuits
    • ECE 686: Solid State Power Semiconductors
    • ECE 681/682: Power Electronics Technologies I & II
    • ECE 683: Advanced Power Electronics and Drives
    • ECE XXX: Seminar in Wide Bandgap
    • ECE XXX: WBG Device Characterization and Application
    • ECE XXX: Power Electronics Packaging
  • removeEnrollment in professional development seminars
    Students must enroll in, and attend
    • ECE 691: Advanced graduate seminar
  • removeCompletion of one graduate course in professional development
    • IE 405: Engineering Economic Analysis
    • IE 518: Advanced Engineering Economic Analysis
    • ME 519: Technology Product Development and Entrepreneurship
    • GEOL 690: Academic Career Planning for Science & Engineering
  • removeCompletion of a graduate (MS or PhD) thesis in WBG Power Electronics

In special situations, alternate courses may be used to validate the certificate requirements with permission of the traineeship faculty.