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Program Details

How to Apply

First, let us know about your interest in the program. You can e-mail the traineeship faculty directly at ude.ktu@GBW or use the CURENT contact form here -- make sure to indicate that University of Tennessee and Wide Bandgap Power Electronics in your interests

To apply for the fellowship, submit your application for graduate admission to the UTK Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering. Indicate "Power Electronics" as one of your areas of interest in the applications process. Also, in your statement of purpose, include discussion of your interests in wide bandgap power electronics

Apply Now

The application fee ($60) is waived for US citizens. Contact one of the UTK EECS faculty members to obtain a fee waiver code

Non-US Citizens

Though the PoTenntial traineeship is available only to US citizens, applications from non-US citizens are still welcome to the University of Tennessee Power Electronics program. Follow the links in the above section to get started.