ECE 599 ― Characterization of WBG Devices

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Course Content

This is a hands-on, lab-based course introducing techniques and best practices for the characterization, driving, and protection of WBG devices. Students perform experimental static and dynamic testing of WBG devices, and develop models of experimental performance. Characterization results enable advanced modeling, design, and optimization of power converters leveraging wide bandgap devices.

Instructor Resources are available which give a complete course schedule, homework assignments, lecture notes, PCB design files, and lab equipment inventory for the course.

Instructor Resources

The course was first taught in Fall 2017. The enrollment was 16 students, who worked in eight groups of two. Throughout the course, groups characterized and modeled four WBG transistors (2 SiC, 2 GaN).

Course content includes

  • • Performing static characterization using a high power curve tracer
  • • Modeling/Simulating switching behavior of the devices
  • • Designing, constructing, and debugging a double-pulse-test circuit board for dynamic characterization

photo of lab space

Class lab session in newly-developed teaching lab

Photo of Keysight B1505A high power curve tracer

Keysight B1505A high power curve tracer

Photo of GaN DPT Board

Example GaNFET double-pulse-test board

Photo of SiC DPT Board

Example SiC MOSFET double-pulse-test board