A high-power SiC based bidirectional EV off-board fast charging module


This project is to apply SiC devices to EV off board charging modules. The developed charger accommodates both the single-phase and three-phase input, with wide input voltage range (208VAC~500VAc) and wide output voltage range (200~500VDC). The charger can work in the modes of constant current, constant voltage and constant power. In addition to G2V and V2G modes, the charger can also work at the V2H mode.


SiC Charger

The charger input is a three-phase boost type PFC. The DC/DC stage uses dual active bridges, adopting single-phase-shift control at the heavy load and dual-phase-shift control at the light load to secure soft switching on. Si MOSFETs from various vendors are compared, in terms of the electrical performance and the cost impact

How WBG Can Help

The state-of-art EV off board charging modules usually have relatively low power density (1~2kW/L) and efficiency. With SiC devices reducing the loss and size of passive components, it is expected the power density can exceed 3kW/L and the efficiency can increase above 95%. The success of this project expedites applications of SiC devices in automotive industry.

Personnel Involved

  • Yang Huang
  • Liyan Zhu