Smart, Compact, Efficient 500kW DC Extreme Fast Charger (XFC)


The main goal of this project is to reduce electric vehicle (EV) recharge time to less than 10 mins. In doing so, EV recharge time would be at a similar level to that of refueling an internal combustion engine vehicle. Currently, fast EV battery chargers can recharge an EV in up to 30 minutes, but with the use of SiC power modules, an EV can be recharged much faster, while generating a more compact, high power density charger.


Block diagram of proposed design of electricvehicle extreme fast charging station for two vehicles

The design and testing of this project is done as part of a collaboration with Wolfspeed and Ford Motor Vehicles. Throughout the design process, power electronics topologies and concepts will be compared and simulated, including power losses and efficiency as well as modeling of magnetic components. Control strategy will be simulated and included in a field programmable gate array (FPGA).

How WBG Can Help

WBG devices are key to enabling such high power extreme fast EV chargers. Through the use of WBG, the size of magnetic components will be reduced, thus reducing the size of the overall system. Also, the power rating of the WBG devices is higher than silicon devices allowing for the use of less devices.

Personnel Involved

  • Daniel Merced Cirino
  • Liyan Zhu
  • Yang Huang
  • Ziwei Liang