Switched Mode Power Supply Toolbox Beta Released

written by Daniel Costinett
submitted on 2023-12-04 02:21:07

Structure and main classes included in the toolbox. See more description in the documentation included in the toolbox or in the github repository

Today we're releasing a public beta of the Switched Mode Power Supply Toolbox for MATLAB.  This toolbox integrates our recent work in applying discrete time state space modeling to the steady-state analysis and design of power electronics.  The toolbox contains a a vsariety of functions and utilities that help speed up the process of analyzing, designing, and optimizing power converters.  The full source code is available (under MiT Open Source License) from the github repositoy,


You can also directly download the MATLAB toolbox and test it out yourself.  Install by dragging the toolbox (.mltbx) file into the command window of MATLAB 2020b or later.  

Direct link to toolbox download